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About Us

Link Sensory

Link Sensory is part of Link Assistive Pty Ltd. We design and install custom sensory rooms for homes, schools, aged care facilities, community centres, therapy clinics and more. Our unique, clinician-led approach ensures you will receive an individualised solution.

We are proud to be the Australian resellers for leading international sensory technology suppliers including Qinera and Sensory Guru. Due to our partnership with Sensory Guru in the UK, Link Sensory is the Australian supplier of the hugely popular Magic Carpet and Magic Mirror systems. We are also proud to be Australian suppliers of the SHX system by Qinera in Spain – the most advanced system for immersive multisensory rooms available.

The Link Assistive Story

Link Assistive was founded by Bas in 2008. The main reason for founding his own company was because of a strong belief he had in the huge lifechanging potential of the new ground-breaking eye tracking technology from Sweden.

Bas caught the bug as soon as he was introduced to the world of Assistive Technology, as he began developing custom computer access solutions at a Rehabilitation Centre back in 1999.

Seeing first-hand the immense difference the right technology can make in people’s lives, he continued on this path and is still as inspired now as he was back then. ‘I have met so many amazing individuals along the way. Having had the chance to play a small role in making a difference in their lives is something I am very grateful for’ and has taught me a lot.

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