Button 1

Easy to use and totally wireless! Compatible with the SHX system providing direct, sequential, random or scanning access to the SHX Multisensory room control software. Particularly useful for the sensory stories in the SHX software as it allows users to progress through the story sequentially at the push of a button. Button 1 is also compatible with standalone Luminea sensory room lighting devices to cycle through colours in a sequential or random manner. Also features simple ON / OFF function for sensory room lighting. Panel on underside to set mode.


Single switch access to the SHX System and Luminea Sensory Room Lighting Devices

Completely wireless with no interface required.Will connect to the SHX system, and will also allow for control of standalone Luminea lighting devices to cycle through lighting changes in a sequential, random or scanning mode. You can also use this switch for basic ON / OFF of sensory room lighting devices.

Allows you to select content in the SHX system and accompanying room lighting changes and effects using a switch. It is configured to access content in a particular collection in the software in shuffle mode as well as in sequential or scan mode. Sequential mode is idea for accessing content with more than 6 cells that are best suited to sequential movement through each cell e.g. in a sensory story.


Scanning: allows the different cells on the active scene tab to be activated by visual scanning of the cells.  A second activation of the switch will launch the content associated with the selected cell.

Random: every activation launches the content of a random cell on the active scene tab.

Sequential: every activation launches the content of each cell on the active tab in order


  • Wireless: No need of an additional receiver (works directly via Radio-Frequency) with all Luminea devices and SHX Device.
  • Long-lasting batteries, allowing 100,000 presses.
  • Many functions: you can choose color change, sequential mode, scan mode, random, or ON and OFF.
  • Choose function: It has a display to choose the device and the function.
  • Control all devices at the same time or on their own
  • Works with all devices: Luminea and SHX.