The lighting within a multisensory environment is an important part of the sensory experience. Lighting and colour offer the ability to change the overall ambiance of a sensory space according to the needs of the user. Lighting and colour offer visual inputs that help to support regulation and alertness. Our range of lighting solutions can be used to produce a stimulating, engaging or calming effect. Our focus is on lighting solutions that are interactive and accessible, so that every individual has choice and control over their own sensory experience.


SHX Planet

SHX Lamp

SHX LED Strip Light

SHX LED Bar Light

Colour Changing Pebble

Colour Changing Ball

Colour Changing Egg

WiFi LED Cube

Mini LED Spotlight

WiFi LED Downlight

WiFi LED Spotlight

SHX Fireball

SHX Spotlight

Light Table

Floating Water Light

Water Mood Light

LED Ball Pit Lighting

UV LED Bar Light

UV LED Strip

UV LED Shadow

UV LED Spotlight

UV Waterfall

UV Tactile Mat

UV Tactile Panel