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Luminea Planet

Draw visual attention and offer soothing light with this beautiful large colour-changing sphere. The Luminea Planet can be suspended from the ceiling or placed on the floor for closer interaction. The Luminea Planet is compatible with multiple control options. Use the Luminea App to control the Planet on its own or with other compatible sensory room lighting devices; or incorporate the Luminea Planet into your SHX System for lighting within sensory room scenes. The Luminea Planet can also be controlled using the Button 6 wireless controller or with the SHX Die.

This large luminous sphere adds a beautiful visual focus to your sensory room

The Luminea Planet changes color in coordination with your control option. It is a visual sensory feature within an SHX sensory room and can be programmed to be activated within relevant SHX sensory room content. The Luminea Planet can also be controlled via the Luminea App for Android for dynamic colour changes and music and lighting combinations. Also able to be controlled wirelessly using the Button 6 controller.

SHX Control Scene for Luminea Planet (or program the Planet to be activated within any other scene in the software by choosing the colour or allowing it to be the average colour of the projected image)


  • Large spherical sensory room lighting feature
  • DMX protocol
  • Auto mode: will cycle through colour range passively when used without any controller
  • Switch input for auto mode ON / OFF
  • Switch input for sequential mode (cycle of 7 colours)
  • Compatible with the SHX System
  • Compatible with the Luminea App
  • Compatible with Button 6 and SHX Die.