Use this colour-changing spotlight to create coloured zones in your sensory room, or allow the colours to change along with the other lighting elements within your SHX System.

Colour changes from a spotlight can be employed to support language, social skills, joint attention, play and other therapeutic goals.


Create zones of light in your sensory room

This spotlight can be changed independently of other lighting elements using any of the SHX System Controllers. It will also function in coordination with any video, image or music within the SHX System, to reflect the colours of the image or video, or to change with other lighting elements in the room along with a piece of music.

Explore how colour can be therapeutic; and how different colours can promote different levels of alertness. Or actively use colour toward a language, social or play-based therapy goal.


  • DMX RGB spotlight PAR 56.5 DMX channels
  • 108 LEDs of 10mm
  • Compatible with SHX System