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Luminea Bubble Tube

Much more than a standard bubble tube, the Luminea Bubble Tube comes with multiple control options, each of which open up their own array of therapeutic, sensory and educational activities. The Luminea Bubble Tube is high quality and high brightness, and is a powerful visual focal point in a sensory room. The Luminea Bubble Tube provides multiple sensory inputs including light, colour, sound, vibration and touch. When used within the SHX System, the Luminea Bubble Tube has multiple scenes within the software dedicated to different activities for the bubble tube. Also able to be a standalone item, controllable by the free Luminea App for Android, the Button 6 controller, the SHX Die or an external switch.


Much more than a standard bubble tube


Using the Luminea Bubble Tube within the SHX System

When used as part of an SHX sensory room, the Luminea Bubble Tube is a powerful tool for immersion in relevant sensory room scenes. It can be programmed to activate along with a myriad of SHX content including beach, underwater and weather scenes, along with changing to the appropriate lighting colour along with the projection and other sensory room lighting elements. Within the SHX system you can control both the flow of the bubbles and the lighting changes in the bubble tube, opting to have one or the other active, or both together. Additionally, a free bubble tube software expansion pack is available for the Luminea Bubble tube when used with the SHX system, which includes extensive content to support therapeutic and learning activities. Included with the Luminea Bubble Tube when it is a part of an SHX sensory room is our ’51 Activities to do with a Bubble Tube’ (also available to download for free in the download tab).


Using the Luminea Bubble Tube with the Luminea App

The Luminea Bubble Tube can also be controlled directly from your Android device. Just download the free Luminea App, connect your Android device to the WiFi network that is generated by the Luminea Bubble Tube and you instantly have dynamic control over the bubble tube lighting and flow of bubbles, as well as having access to a number of activities included within the Luminea App.


Other control options:

  • Button 6 Controller
  • Switch input for auto mode ON / OFF
  • Switch input for sequential mode (cycle of 7 colours)
  • SHX Die



  • Dimensions: 180cm height x 20cm diameter
  • High quality plexiglass which remains transparent & scratch free
  • Vivid luminosity
  • High brightness
  • DMX protocol
  • Will passively cycle through colours if used without any controller
  • Three bubble patterns: continuous, sporadic & sequentially sporadic


Available Extras and Accessories:

  • Bubble tube modules, variety of shapes and colours. Custom dimensions available.
  • Acrylic mirrors for wall mounting behind bubble tube: straight, convex or concave shapes. Custom dimensions available.
  • Ball Kit for Bubble Tube

Download ’51 Different Activities to do with a Bubble Tube’ (note: most activities are designed to work with SHX system software contents for the bubble tube)


Some example scenes from the FREE Tube Activities software expansion pack for SHX (designed to be used in conjunction with ’51 Activities to do with a Bubble Tube’