Luminea Carpet

A plush black carpet embedded with points of colour-changing light. Mount on the ceiling or the wall, or place on the floor of your sensory room. Visually beautiful when used on its own, and perfect for incorporating into SHX content which projects images of a night sky or fireworks. Compatible with the SHX system and the Luminea App. Also controllable via compatible WiFi controllers.


Stars of light embedded in a tactile carpet.

Place this carpet on the floor or wall for direct tactile and visual interaction, or mount on the ceiling and replicate a night sky with shimmering stars. A lovely tool offering multiple gentle sensory inputs that can be linked to contexts via the immersive scenes within the SHX software.

Using the Luminea Carpet within the SHX System

When used as part of an SHX sensory room, the Luminea Carpet is a powerful tool for immersion in relevant sensory room scenes. Perfect when incorporated within scenes that depict the night sky or fireworks, or when watching earth from space in the SHX software. The fibre optic lights embedded in the carpet can be coordinated with other sensory room lighting elements, or pieces of music. Choose to turn on just the Luminea Carpet using its own control tab in the SHX software, and experiment with colour changes or allow to change passively to offer soothing lighting in a sensory room.


Using the Luminea Carpet with the Luminea App

The Luminea Carpet can also be controlled directly from your Android device. Just download the free Luminea App, connect your Android device to the WiFi network that is generated by the Luminea Carpet and you instantly have dynamic control, as well as having access to a number of activities included within the Luminea App, including coordination of music and light.


Other control options:

  • Button 6 Controller
  • Switch input for auto mode ON / OFF
  • Switch input for sequential mode (cycle of 7 colours)
  • Auto mode: colour changing passively without any controller.


  • Dimensions: 2M x 1M
  • 450 “star” points of light
  • Colour: black
  • Light source included.