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Luminea Corner

Use this plug & play, easy to use package to create your own multisensory space in smaller areas. This versatile kit is designed to cover a range of therapeutic, educational and leisure opportunities. This package includes a bubble tube, bubble tube module and fibre optics and is controllable using the Luminea App. All elements can be upscaled to become part of a more complex room as they are compatible with other Luminea items and also the SHX system.


A sensory space wherever you want

If you don’t yet have have a complete sensory room, or the necessary space for one, you can start with this sensory corner package which will allow you to take advantage of some of the main sensory room elements. The lighting devices included in this kit belong to our Luminea range of sensory lighting devices which means more control and interaction possibilities for the user and more resources for intervention.

Included in the package:




Other control options (not included, please advise us if you would like to add any of these options to your quotation):

  • Button 6 Controller
  • Switch input for auto mode ON / OFF
  • Switch input for sequential mode (cycle of 7 colours)
  • SHX Die


Available Extras and Accessories:

  • Acrylic mirrors for wall mounting behind bubble tube: straight, convex or concave shapes. Custom dimensions available.
  • Ball Kit for Bubble Tube