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Luminea LED Line (Back Panel)

Wash the sensory room in colour. These LED lines are compatible with the SHX system, and change in coordination with other lighting elements in the room. They can also be controlled as a standalone option by using the free Luminea App for Android, or with compatible WiFi controllers. LED lines allow you to create whole-room coloured environments, increasing the immersive impact of your sensory space.


Wash the room in colour.

These LED lines are installed to run along padded sensory room wall panels with a straight top edge, within protective channels that assist in diffusing the light. The number of 5M lines that are required depends on the dimensions of your room, the dimensions of the padding that you have installed, and the location of any other sensory lighting elements within the same space.

Using Luminea LED Lines within the SHX System

When used as part of an SHX sensory room, the Luminea LED Line is the most effective means of immersing the user in the projected scene. It is the most obvious means of tying the sensory room together when programmed to activate according to the colours in the projected image. Reiterate language and colour concepts, and explore the emotional and sensory effect of colour changes. Choose to turn on just the Luminea LED Lines using the colour tab in the SHX software – it is very easy to set ambient lighting themes to create a simple calming and regulating space. There are extensive colour options within the Luminea LED Lines, which allow them to capture the nuanced colour in all SHX sensory room scenes.



Using the Luminea LED Lines with the Luminea App

The Luminea LED Lines can also be controlled directly from your Android device. Just download the free Luminea App, connect your Android device to the WiFi network that is generated by the Luminea LED Lines and you instantly have dynamic control, as well as having access to a number of activities included within the Luminea App, including coordination of music and light.

Other control options:

  • Button 6 Controller
  • Switch input for auto mode ON / OFF
  • Switch input for sequential mode (cycle of 7 colours)
  • Auto mode: colour changing passively without any controller.



  • 5M strip of long-life LEDs for installation along padded back panels in sensory room
  • Support channel and diffuser
  • Power supply
  • DMX Controller