Multisensory Environments at Home

For many individuals it is important to have access to safe spaces at home in which they can decrease sensory overload, self-regulate, or engage with preferred sensory stimulation. Having access to a designated sensory space at home, or sensory resources within daily routines, can assist a person to maximise their participation in important daily activities. Individuals who experience sensory processing difficulties, anxiety, discomfort, pain, or trouble sleeping can all benefit from individualised sensory strategies that they can access at any time of the day. We are able to consult with you to design sensory spaces at home that support the individual’s daily routine and which incorporate the sensory elements that they find beneficial. Below you will find a number of items that are suited to home environments, and which allow the home-based sensory space to be achieved on a smaller budget. We are able to support you in establishing what an individual’s unique sensory processing patterns are, so that we recommend the most appropriate items and ways to use these items to their maximum benefit.


SHX MyRoom!

SHX Fibre Optic Shower

Starry Sky Projector

SHX Lamp

SHX Bubbles

SHX Vibroacoustic Cushion

SHX Spotlight

SHX Planet

SHX Fibre Optics

Curved Fibre Optic Comb

SHX Vibroacoustic Seat

Vibration Cushion

Jumbo Fibre Optics

Fibre Optic Carpet

Floating Water Light

Water Mood Light

Portable Bubble Tube

Soft Island

Room Lighting

4 – in – 1 Aroma Diffuser

Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

Aroma Kit

Colour Changing Pebble

Colour Changing Ball

Colour Changing Egg

SHX Switch

Water Effect Projector

Ocean Wave Projector