Multisensory Environments in Aged Care

Multisensory environments are frequently found in aged care facilities across the world, particularly in settings that provide care for individuals with dementia. We can develop multisensory environments that specifically meet the needs of aged care facilities and their residents, to create spaces that increase well-being, meaningful leisure participation and relaxation. Older adults, particularly those with dementia, may have experienced a decreased ability to participate in hobbies enjoyed in the past, however our unique multisensory technology solutions allow for extensive individualisation to incorporate the sights, sounds and experiences that are relevant and familiar to each individual, recreating the sensory aspects of the activity. Sensory activities provide a level of stimulation, which increases awareness, attention and positive emotions. Multisensory environments can be a valuable asset to aide rest, physical comfort and emotional regulation, and can be utilised in the facilitation of therapy and group activities.

For more information, head to the Research section of our website to view a list of research studies specific to multisensory environments in aged care.


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