We are regularly collating research and other resources that support us to approach multisensory environments and technology-based therapy and learning tools in an evidence-based way. We will update this section regularly, so be sure to check back and make use of these resources.


Reference Lists

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Multisensory Environments & Aged Care
Link Sensory Reference List
Multisensory Environments & Autism

Aged Care

Research Article
The use of multisensory stimulation to improve functional performance in older people with dementia: A randomised single blind trial
Dr. Lesley Collier, PhD. MSc. Dip COT


Presentation Slides
Living sensationally with Dementia
Dr. Lesley Collier, PhD. MSc. Dip COT
Sensory Rooms are Beneficial to Elders with Dementia
Nurse Aide / VIP 2017


Older Person’s Care – Multisensory Example
The Kenwood by Senior Star


Paediatric Inpatient Setting – Multisensory Example
Royal United Hospitals, UK


Journal Article
Sensory processing and classroom emotional, behavioral, and educational outcomes in children with autism spectrum disorder
Jill Ashburner, BOccThy, PhD, Jenny Ziviani, BAppSc (OT), BA, MEd, PhD, Sylvia Rodger, BOccThy, MEdSt, PhD
Journal Article
The Relationship Between Sensory Processing Patterns and Behavioural Responsiveness in Autistic Disorder: A Pilot Study
Amy E. Z. Baker, Alison Lane, Manya T. Angley, Robyn L. Young

Mental Health

Journal Article
Establishing sensory-based approaches in mental health inpatient care: a multidisciplinary approach
Angela Chalmers, Sophie Harrison, Kade Mollison, Noel Molloy and Kelly Gray
COT Annual Conference 2013
Using Snoezelen in Mental Health
Dr. Lesley Collier, PhD. MSc. Dip COT
Sensory Approaches in Inpatient Psychiatric Settings, Innovative Alternatives to Seclusion and Restraint
Tina Champagne, MEd, OTR/L & Nan Stromberg, MSN, RN, CS