Soft Furnishing and Seating

We provide a range of options for seating, reclining and positioning within multisensory spaces, or even as a standalone sensory option for providing deep pressure input. We can offer solutions that are designed for use by those with specific positioning requirements, where “standard” furniture is not suitable. These options will allow supported positions to be adopted so that all users can engage with the sensory space, or comfortably and safely enjoy a sensory experience. We offer bespoke solutions which are made to measure by local manufacturers. This allows you to choose the size, shape and colour of a number of items including modules, wall panels, soft seats, positioning pods, platforms and more. We can provide advice on size, shape and filling to provide therapeutic deep pressure input for clients who benefit from this to feel calm or to increase their body awareness. We are also able to install vibratory components within some seating and cushioning items. Below are some available products. Feel free to contact us to discuss more specific solutions for your needs or space.


Transformable Seat

SHX Vibroacoustic Seat

Concave Wall Panels

Convex Wall Panels

Square Modules

Custom Modules

Dens and Tunnels