SHX Control App for iOS, Windows & Android


Full control of your sensory room from your tablet

The SHX Control App is included with all purchases of an SHX System (e.g. SHX Rack, SHX Compact). The App is available as a free download from the Apple App Store, Google Play and the Microsoft Store. The tablet with the SHX Control App installed connects to the SHX System in your room via the dedicated SHX WiFi network (provided with the SHX System). The SHX Control App automatically syncs with the SHX Software installed on your SHX System, and dynamically updates itself when you make any edits or changes to your SHX contents.


SHX Control App

The SHX Control App allows you to easily and wirelessly control your SHX Sensory Room from your tablet. The App is a free download available from the Apple App Store, Google Play, and the Microsoft Store. A tablet with the SHX Control App installed is included with any purchase of an SHX Sensory Room.



  • Connects to SHX System using dedicated SHX WiFi network
  • Drop down menu on left side of screen allows you to scroll through all of your sensory room content categories
  • Sidebar with quick functions – home, stop all, volume up and down
  • Automatically syncs any changes you’ve made on the next start-up of your SHX System, or update immediately by scanning a QR code