SHX Compact

SHX Compact has been designed for smaller spaces with fewer sensory elements. It is perfect for sensory rooms at home. SHX Compact includes the full version of the SHX software, including all projection scenes and contents. You are also able to add an unlimited amount of your own content – it is perfect for uploading personal videos, images and music and creating sensory effects such as lighting to go along with them. SHX Compact includes a small multimedia server computer, a projector and speakers, the SHX control device, the SHX Control Software and contents and an SHX Control Tablet (iOS or Android). The SHX Compact has the ability to control up to 20 different lighting elements and one vibroacoustic element in addition to providing projection and audio. *Also available: SHX Compact without a projector – use your own screen!


Customised welfare and leisure in a regulating sensory environment!

SHX Compact is a smaller version of the SHX Rack, and is suitable for small sensory rooms with fewer elements, or for sensory rooms at home. Just like the standard SHX Rack, this system allows all sensory elements such as lighting, sound, projection and vibroacoustics to work in coordination with each other and to be controlled with the included tablet, or other compatible access methods such as switch, buttons and SHX Proximity.

SHX Compact comes with a projector and speakers, however if you have your own display monitor or screen, SHX can be displayed this way, which may be particularly suited to home environments. All compatible SHX elements can be controlled from SHX Compact; including bubble tubes, fibre optics, LED strip lighting and vibroacoustic furniture. Other items that plug into the wall can also be linked to the control system, simply by using an Enabler Socket. In this way you can cue items like fans, bubble machines and other small sensory lighting features to come on with relevant content.


  • SHX Compact multimedia server computer
  • SHX iPad or Android tablet
  • SHX Control Device. Integrates the control of items in the room with more than 150 scenes pre-installed.
  • 2 x active speakers (smaller than standard SHX Rack speakers)
  • Vibroacoustic amplifier
  • Projector & accessories
  • Supports up to 20 compatible sensory lighting elements, & 1 vibroacoustic element.

*Please speak to us about options for connecting the SHX Compact to your own screen – a great lower-cost solution for bedrooms and other rooms at home.