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SHX Dual Display

SHX Dual Display includes all of the same features as the SHX Rack, but with added projection options for an even more immersive sensory room. The dual display system is able to support 2 projections in the room.  The projections can be placed in a corner position, or one beside the other to get a bigger screen. You can have an image wrapping around two walls, or choose to project two different but theme-related images on adjacent walls. The SHX Dual Display comes with a second projector and mounting components, plus software configuration to support two projections to operate either as a single extended image or two different but content-related images.

The most immersive system for sensory rooms is now available in dual display!

The SHX System opens up a whole new world of possibilities in multi sensory environments, and now these possibilities are even more limitless with SHX Dual Display. This system is able to support two projections in the room; allowing for fuller immersion.  The two screens can be placed in a corner position, or one beside the other.

By installing two screens in the sensory room, you can project two different but related images – one on each projection surface, displayed at the same time. OR –  display the same content in a continuous way for multi-dimensional immersion. The SHX Dual Display features multiple configuration possibilities so you can do virtually anything.


  • SHX multimedia server computer with Windows OS
  • SHX Control Device. A device that integrates the electronic control of all the items in the room with more than 150 scenes installed. Possibility of creating an unlimited number of new personalised scenes
  • SHX Control software and contents installed
  • Sound system and speakers
  • Vibroacoustic amplifier with 2 x 2 outputs included
  • 2 x short-throw projectors with mounting components
  • All required wiring
  • Pre-wired rack that connects all the elements
  • Cabinet for the central rack and accessories
  • A choice between the following tablet-based control devices:
    • Android Tablet with protective case
    • iPad with Gripcase