SHX Voice Kit

Convert your voice into colour or vibration! The SHX Voice Kit connects to the SHX central system (e.g. SHX Rack or SHX Compact) and allows the user to modify the room lighting or the colour of the bubble tube, fibre optics or ball pool depending on the volume of their voice. If there is any vibroacoustic element in the room, it is also possible to convert a user’s voice into vibration that can be felt in their body. An option for individuals who experience reduced movement and dexterity, and are not able to use buttons or touch screen devices. Includes two wireless microphones – one headset, and one handheld that can be held or placed in a microphone stand (not included).


The SHX voice kit consists of two wireless microphones (one hand-held and one headset) that allow you to modify the room lighting or any element such as a bubble tube or fibre optics according to voice volume. Using this kit you can also convert your voice into light signals that will be projected onto a screen or wall! You can also convert the sound of a user’s voice into vibration felt via any vibroacoustic item within your sensory room.


  • Reception system
  • Power source
  • Headset microphone
  • Hand-held microphone
  • Cables
  • Whitecap program
  • Compatible with the SHX System.