Vibration is an effective means of providing increased tactile and deep pressure input. Vibration offers an intensity of these inputs for individuals who benefit from this in order to feel calm and attentive. Vibration is also a means of increasing body awareness as it provides more information to the Central Nervous System as to the boundaries of the body. Our range of vibration products includes a number of vibroacoustic options, in which deep sounds are translated to vibration, so that users of all levels of mobility can experience the multisensory environment in multiple layers of sensory experience. Our vibroacoustic options are compatible with the SHX System, allowing users to experience sounds as vibration, whilst being immersed in other coordinated sensory elements.


SHX Vibroacoustic Seat
SHX Vibroacoustic Cushion
SHX Vibroacoustic Ball Pit
Vibration Cushion