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Vibroacoustic Relax Chair

This cosy armchair allows the user to relax in comfort whilst also feeling the vibration of music and sounds throughout their body. Featuring detachable arms and a reclining backrest, this armchair is perfect for sensory input at home, and can be connected to the SHX Compact or a standalone Vibroacoustic Kit to convert music and audio to vibration.


A comfortable arm chair with added sensory features!

The Vibroacoustic Relax chair vibrates to the rhythm of music, voices or the soundtrack of any video. It supports an immersive effect when used in combination with other audiovisual elements, and boosts connection to the sensory environment. Requires connection to the SHX system or the Vibroacoustic Kit to enable conversion of audio signals to vibration.



  • Dimensions: 103 x 71 cm x 85cm
  • Detachable arms
  • Seat made with viscoelastic memory foam
  • Ergonomic reclining backrest up to a horizontal position
  • Varnished beech legs
  • Upholstery made using M2 fireproof fabric (EU)
  • Colours available: beige or blue