Advanced Room Control

We supply the most advanced system for integrating and controlling a multisensory environment. We are proud to be the Australian partner of BJ Live!, developers of the SHX system which allows sensory room multimedia to be coordinated with lighting, vibroacoustics, fibre optics, bubble tubes and more within the room to create a truly immersive sensory environment. There are 150+ elements of content included in the default software, as well as the option to create your own content. In an SHX sensory room, sensory input is coordinated in a contextual manner e.g.:

  •     A video of a motorbike while you hear the sounds and the vibration of the engine is felt
  •     A picture of an animal while the animal’s noise is heard, and the room changes to the colour of the animal’s habitat
  •     A projection of an ocean while the room is bathed in blue, a fan blows a “breeze” and bubbles are emitted

Incorporating this control system in your sensory room means you will have:

  •     A space for emotional and sensory regulation
  •     A space that offers choice and control
  •     A space that is accessible
  •     The ability to precisely grade sensory exposure

This is the next step in the evolution of sensory rooms. SHX rooms offer everything that traditional sensory rooms offer, as well as providing a space that can be used to support therapeutic goals e.g. joint attention, body awareness, sensory integration, communication,  socialisation, self-regulation, motivation, and well-being; among many others.

SHX System

SHX Central Rack
SHX Projection
SHX Dual Display
SHX MyRoom! Centre
SHX Tablet
SHX Touch Panel
SHX Button Controller
SHX Dice
SHX Voice Kit
SHX Switch
SHX Lamp
SHX Planet
SHX Fibre Optic Shower
SHX Fibre Optics
Fibre Optic Ceiling / Wall Carpet
SHX LED Strip Light
SHX LED Bar Light
SHX Fireball
SHX Bubble Tube
SHX Bubbles
SHX Vibroacoustic Seat
SHX Vibroacoustic Cushion
SHX Vibroacoustic Ball Pit