SHX Sensory Rooms

The SHX multisensory room is distinct from other sensory rooms. The SHX technology works with ‘scenes’ to allow videos and images to be projected at the same time as different elements and effects in the room are activated, in order to create an immersive, contextual sensory experience. The SHX system includes a wealth of default content developed and tested by professionals and experts in special needs education, occupational therapists, psychologists and IT developers who specialise in usability and interaction. It also allows for extensive editing and customising of content to individualise the sensory experience for every user. The SHX System offers users, therapists, teachers and support staff the ability to take control of the room and each sensory element in a highly dynamic manner to provide greater therapeutic, learning and sensory possibilities.

A completely scalable sensory room solution!

Choose the suitable SHX central system
> Select sensory room elements
> Add control options to suit your users

SHX Control Software

Whole room lighting control

Luminea Bubble Tube control

Luminea Pool control

Luminea Lamp control

Luminea Planet control

Luminea Fountain control

Luminea Curtain control

Voice control

'Relax' Scene

'Sea World' Scene

'Falling Objects' Scene

Location & environment scenes

'Flying' scene

'Seasons' scene

'The Monster of Colours' emotions scene

Immersive sensory stories

...and many more, all included within the default SHX Control Software...


SHX Rack
SHX Rack – Dual Display
SHX Compact
SHX Proximity
Magic Table
SHX Touch Panel
Button 6
SHX Voice Kit
SHX Switch
Luminea Lamp
Luminea Planet
Luminea Bubble Tube
Luminea Fountain
Luminea Curtain
Luminea Curtain with Swing Arm
Luminea Fibre 2M/3M
from $1,395.00
Luminea Carpet
SHX UV Spotlight
Luminea LED Line (Ceiling)
Luminea LED Line (Back Panel)
SHX Fireball
SHX Soap Bubble Machine
SHX Stars
Vibroacoustic Cushion
Vibroacoustic Pouf
Luminea Vibroacoustic Pool
Luminea Pool
Vibroacoustic Water Bed
Vibroacoustic Comfort Seat
Vibroacoustic Relax Chair