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Sensory Cube

Roll the die and change it all! Sensory Cube is a wireless colored die that allows you to control your multisensory room and all the light devices you have in it, both individually (one by one) or in combination (all at once).


This wireless die serves both to control all our light devices individually, as well as to change all the devices of the room at the same time, including the audiovisual scenes included in the SHX System. Being wireless makes it very easy to include it in your sensory room as it does not require a complicated installation.

Change the colors of the light!

Change the colors of any of our light devices (Luminea) by rolling the die. If you roll the yellow, the colors of your bubble tube will change into yellow, and so on.

Change the scenes in your SHX room!

Control your entire SHX Room with a die. Roll the dice and watch the room change into a new environment. Activate videos, sound, vibration and other immersive effects. Users have more fun, are able to participate, interact and feel in control of the immersive experience.

These activities support awareness of cause-effect, joint attention, fine motor skills, proprioception, choice, memory, turn-taking, symbolic play, association, communication and social skills.

Available sizes:

  • Small: 25 x 25cm sides
  • Large: 40 x 40cm sides


  • Rechargeable with included charger – charge port hidden accessed by unzipping one side
  • Internal control panel allows you to change the mode (whether controlling individual Luminea devices or the SHX system)