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Vibration is a form of deep pressure tactile stimulation. Deep pressure input is known to be calming and regulating to the nervous system. Vibroacoustic elements have the additional benefit of converting audio input into corresponding vibrations, which enhances the sensory experience and enables the user to be immersed in a contextual sensory experience. Our vibroacoustic elements come in a number of versions so that you can meet the positioning and comfort needs of your users, enhancing the deep pressure and allowing the user to experience the input from a supported but relaxed position. Vibration is a primary stimulus that allows connection with users of any level of physical and cognitive ability to promote communication, reduce agitation and anxiety, and enhance well-being.


Bluetooth Vibroacoustic Kit
Vibroacoustic Cushion
Vibroacoustic Comfort Seat
Vibroacoustic Transformable Pouf
Vibroacoustic Relax Chair
Luminea Vibroacoustic Pool
Vibroacoustic Water Bed
Vibroacoustic Therapy Rocker
Vibroacoustic Single Armchair