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The Qwiek.up has been specially developed and produced for the application of experience-oriented care. It is an adjustable, mobile and versatile projection unit which can be quickly adjusted to project onto the wall or the ceiling. The Qwiek.up creates an audiovisual experience for clients who have physical and cognitive limitation, and aims to improve their wellbeing, comfort, enjoyment and relaxation. The Qwiek.up offers countless possibilities for care interventions and supports the person and their caregivers during daily routines. The Qwiek.up is valuable across multiple settings including older persons’ care, disability settings and at home. Healthcare institutions are also investigating how the Qwiek.up can serve as an alternative to medications for restlessness and agitation in acute care settings.

Introducing QwiekUp

The Qwiek.up is a mobile unit that projects images and videos onto the ceiling or wall. Images and videos are accompanied by audio and music The Qwiek.up is aimed at regulating stimuli, making it an ideal product for the application of experience-oriented care. The Qwiek.up offers the possibility to provide a distraction or an enjoyable sensory experience during or between daily life routines. By projecting images that connect to the personal needs and wishes of a client, the Qwiek.up aims to reduce agitation, promote relaxation and engage a client in meaningful sensory experience.


  • Diversion – The client can be distracted during daily living or care routines that may otherwise cause them stress. By shifting the client’s focus to quiet images and music, you can create a sense of calm and relaxation.
  • Sensory Input – The Qwiek.up allows you to offer pleasant sensory stimuli, which can assist in engagement, positive mood, and emotional regulation.
  • Promote Interaction – By showing images that match someone’s interests, memories and preferences, you can encourage a verbal or non-verbal communicative response. People become more alert due to the visual stimulation and are supported to be more aware of their environment.
  • Reminiscence – The Qwiek.up allows you to produce familiar images, audio and music which may evoke memories or feelings.
  • Group Activity – Additional modules available for the Qwiek.up are great for group activities. Suitable modules include: Concert, Fit and Vital, Zoo and Birthday. Qwiek.up can be used within group relaxation sessions or clients can be encouraged to exercise or interact and communicate with each other.


QwiekUp Experience Modules

There are numerous modules for the QwiekUp, available as pre-made USB inputs with audiovisual content. Available modules include:

  • Aquarium
  • Forest Walk
  • Bubbles
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Ducks and Swans
  • Fit and Vital Dancing
  • Fit and Vital Moving to Music
  • Fireplace and Candles
  • Harbour and Boats
  • Autumn
  • Summer
  • Winter
  • Spring
  • Christmas
  • Classical Music
  • Family Module (developed for you to add your own family photos)
  • Farm Life
  • Zoo

Included with QwiekUp Purchase:

  • The Qwiek.up
  • Qwiek.up Custom Protective Cover
  • 1 year warranty
  • 6 standard experience modules
  • Experience module holder for storage of 32 experience modules.


Get a demo

We offer demos of the Qwiek.up at our Adelaide-based showroom or via web meeting. The Qwiek.up is also available for onsite loans at your site or centre. Email Jade: [email protected] for more info.