Bubble Tubes

Link Sensory brings you the latest and most comprehensive range of bubble tubes available. Designed with reliability and safety as a priority, our bubble tubes will give years of service, bringing relaxation and stimulation to any multisensory environment. With our range of bubble tubes, our focus is on user choice and control, accessibility and interactivity. Use our bubble tubes as a relaxing visual feature, or employ the visual, tactile and auditory experience of a bubble tube to support a therapeutic or educational goal. Easy for anyone to maintain with associated accessories to allow for easy filling and water changes. When considering a bubble tube beware of poor quality imitations! We have bubble tubes which are WiFi compatible, SHX System compatible or fully passive for relaxation alone. Taking bubble tubes to the next level, we offer clinical support around the large range of therapeutic applications of a bubble tube to meet the needs of users of a range of ages and with a range of disabilities and health conditions.


SHX Bubble Tube
Maxi Bubble Tube
Ball Bubble Tube
Aquatic Bubble Tube
Midi Bubble Tube
Portable Bubble Tube
Waterless Rainbow Tube
Bubble Tube Switch
Custom Modules
Coloured Ball Kit
White Ball Kit
Fish Kit
Bubble Tube Corner
Tube Filling Pump
Water Treatment Fluid
Bubble Tube Activities