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Interactive Play and Learn

Cosmo features:

  • Smart, dynamic buttons (“Cosmoids”) with sensitivity adjustment available
  • Robust
  • Rechargeable, with extended battery life
  • Highly responsive
  • Fast and steady connection to your iPad via Bluetooth
  • Easy to clean and sanitise
  • Easy to set up and visually motivating
  • Easily attached on universal mounting plates, or other surfaces using the included magnets.

Cosmo Explore


Cosmo Excel


Cosmo Switch


The Qwiek.up has been specially developed and produced for the application of experience-oriented care. It is an adjustable, mobile and versatile projection unit which can be quickly adjusted to project onto the wall or the ceiling. The Qwiek.up creates an audiovisual experience for clients who have physical and cognitive limitation, and aims to improve their wellbeing, comfort, enjoyment and relaxation. The Qwiek.up offers countless possibilities for care interventions and supports the person and their caregivers during daily routines. The Qwiek.up is valuable across multiple settings including older persons’ care, disability settings and at home. Healthcare institutions are also investigating how the Qwiek.up can serve as an alternative to medications for restlessness and agitation in acute care settings.




World-Leading Interactive Projection Systems

Magic Carpet™ and Magic Mirror™ are award-winning interactive projection systems that display motion responsive games and activities. Magic Carpet™ offers a wide variety of stimulating content that is suitable for multi-sensory exploration, play, learning, therapy and relaxation.  Magic Mirror™ helps to develop interaction and communication skills through creative multi-sensory game play. The software supports 6 players using full-body interaction with additional options for eye gaze, speech, switches, touch, game controllers, mouse and keyboard inputs

Magic Carpet™


Magic Mirror™