Interactive Play and Learn

These advanced systems represent therapeutic and educational toolboxes that can be used in a myriad of ways to support a number of goals, whilst intrinsically supporting motivation. Multisensory in nature, each system offers visual and auditory stimulation whilst encouraging development of attention, engagement, motor skills, language, communication, memory and cognitive skills.

The Magic Carpet and Magic Mirror systems offer an unparalleled level of user interaction. Control a projected image using gesture or movement; walk across a pond and watch the fish swim away from you; kick a soccer ball to a friend, or use your body to select the correct answer to a multiple choice question.

Cosmo is an award-winning interactive therapy and learning system, featuring smart, dynamic and visually appealing buttons. Cosmo is aimed at the early years and young people with special educational and therapy needs, to support development of physical, cognitive and communication skills.

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World leading interactive projection systems

Mobile Magic Carpet

Mobile Magic Mirror

Magic Carpet – Fixed

Magic Mirror – Fixed

Mobile Magic Carpet

Magic Mirror

Creative, dynamic multisensory learning for early years and special needs


Intro to Cosmo

Cosmo Activities Compilation

Skoog 2.0

Getting Started with Skoog

Deluxe interactive wall panels

Colour Command Centre™

Sound to Sight Showtime™

Double Bubble Bonanza™

Hip Hop Activity Box™

ColourCatch Combo™

Touch & Voice Interactive Panel