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Multisensory Environments


Sensory rooms designed for user experience

SHX Sensory Rooms


Enjoy a truly immersive experience!

Mobile Magic Mirror


Interactive wall projection now available as a mobile unit!

Magic Carpet


Bring surfaces to life and create an inclusive play environment for people of all abilities

Introducing QwiekUp


Wall and ceiling audiovisual projection for experience-oriented care



Award-winning interactive learning for early years and special educational needs

Welcome to Link Sensory, part of Link Assistive Pty Ltd, where we specialise in designing and installing custom sensory rooms for diverse environments including homes, schools, aged care facilities, community centres, and therapy clinics. Our clinician-led approach ensures each solution is tailored to meet your specific needs.

As proud Australian resellers of leading international sensory technology suppliers like Qinera and Sensory Guru, we bring you innovative systems such as the Magic Carpet and Magic Mirror from Sensory Guru in the UK, and the advanced SHX system from Qinera in Spain, renowned for creating immersive multisensory experiences.


Each of our products has been carefully selected based on the most advanced innovations in sensory and interactive technology, with a focus on therapeutic and educational benefit and multiple options for accessibility.

Visit our Showroom

Our Adelaide showroom features a number of our sensory products. We can demonstrate how different sensory elements work together, and allow you to have a firsthand experience.

Request a Consultation

An experienced therapist is available to meet with you onsite to discuss your sensory room, large or small. We will present you with a design that uniquely caters to the needs of your site and users.

Assistive Technology

To view our range of assistive technology including eye gaze, environmental control, communication devices, software, and mounting, head to linkassistive.com

Discover Magic Carpet

World-Leading Interactive Projection System

Discover Magic Mirror

Immersive and inclusive full-body interaction

A complete service

We are proud to be an Australian supplier of world-leading multisensory and interactive technology, and an expert provider of sensory training, information and support. We design and install custom sensory rooms for homes, schools, aged care facilities, community centres, therapy clinics and more. Our unique, clinician-led approach ensures you will receive an individualised solution. We’ll help you to integrate sensory rooms within any daily living environment, large or small, for any age group, and for all abilities. We supply the most-advanced technology for centralised control of all elements in your sensory room, and use our experience in assistive technology to incorporate multiple access methods including button panels, switches, voice, movement and eye gaze.


Sensory Room Design Form

Download our Sensory Room Assessment and Design Form. Complete and email back to us for an individualised design and quote!