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SHX Proximity

SHX Proximity is a new and innovative way of interacting with a sensory room. The system is comprised of the scanning platform, rewritable cards and stickers and pre-programmed function cards (e.g. random selection, volume up and down and stop) that can be used to tag any object. Scan the tagged object on the SHX Proximity platform and sensory room content will be triggered. You can link the tagged objects to existing SHX Software content, or you can create your own content using any combination of projection, audio, lighting and effects that relate to the object that is being scanned. SHX Proximity is great for supporting attention, association, cause-effect relationships, language and memory. Use tagged items to cue an individualised sensory ‘scene’ for users of the sensory room – they just need to scan a tagged item to create the environment that is suitable to their needs, interests and preferences.


Real objects come to life in your sensory room!

SHX Proximity is an innovative access method for SHX sensory rooms. Simply tag any object with one of the included rewritable cards or stickers, and select which SHX content, room effects, images and sound you want to be triggered by the object. SHX Proximity opens up a whole range of therapeutic and educational opportunities by allowing the user to interact with the room through real objects, such as: toys, clothes, food, trays with different materials, pictures, cards, etc. and associate them with multisensory content. It is a great tool for working on attention, interaction, association, memory, cause-effect relationships, and language.

Using SHX Proximity is quick and easy. The product includes rewritable cards and stickers that can be configured to trigger any SHX content. The SHX program now includes a simple editing area for SHX Proximity to allow you to configure and customise each card or sticker. Once it has been configured, scan the item on the SHX Proximity Platform, and associated multisensory effects will be automatically triggered. Create your own themed environments, therapeutic and educational activities, or provide users with a quick and easy way of activating their own preferred combination of sensory room features.


  • SHX Proximity Scanner
  • Pre-programmed cards for the following functions: volume up, volume down, stop, choose cells (1-6), sequential mode and random mode.
  • 18 rewritable cards
  • 18 rewritable stickers


  • SHX Proximity Scanner connects to SHX server computer via USB cable (5M length)
  • Distance for scan recognition: within 1-2cm
  • Platform scan area: approx. 5cm
  • Requires SHX Software version 1.4 and onward