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SHX Rack

The most immersive and integrated sensory room control system.The SHX Rack includes all of the necessary components to centrally control multiple sensory elements for a fully immersive and integrated experience. Includes server computer, SHX software with extensive content included, projector, speakers, Android tablet. All wiring between SHX Rack and sensory room elements included. *Installation not included (POA).


The core of the most versatile and advanced sensory rooms

The SHX Rack is the brain of the SHX System. The SHX software included allows a series of actions to be activated within a multisensory environment, depending on what sensory elements you select for your room. You can activate and coordinate sounds, projection, bubble tubes, fibre optics and change the colour of the entire room or activate a relevant effect either individually or by combining a group of actions to occur simultaneously.The SHX Rack supports projection and four vibroacoustic elements.

The SHX software which is included with the SHX Rack comes complete with extensive amount of pre-programmed content, arranged in “scenes”, with multiple combinations of multimedia, sounds, lighting, vibration and effects. This software can be completely customised to suit each individual user. You are also free to create an unlimited amount of your own unique content, with your own room changes, to suit the specific needs of the individuals who will be benefiting from the multisensory environment.

This unique system allows for sensory experiences to be combined in a manner that enhances learning and development and provides a richer sensory experience:

  • A projection of an idyllic beach in a blue-coloured environment while we feel the sea breeze
  • An image of the night sky while fibre optic stars twinkle and peaceful music plays
  • A picture of a lion while we hear its name spoken and listen to the sound it makes

The system can be controlled in many different ways including tablet, buttons, switches, mats and dice.


  • SHX multimedia server computer
  • SHX control tablet (iOS or Android)
  • SHX Control software installed
  • Sound system and 2x speakers
  • Vibroacoustic amplifier with 2×2 outputs included
  • Short-throw projector
  • Pre-wired connection of all the elements within the Central Rack; enclosed in a protective black shell
  • Lockable cabinet for storage of the Central Rack and accessories

SHX Control software is available for Android and IOS.