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UV Sensory Bag

A great resource kit to help you make the most out of your UV Zone. These UV-reactive materials can be used in creative visual therapeutic, educational and sensory activities.


A great resource kit of tactile UV-responsive items to help you make the most of your UV zone.

Contents (may vary depending on availability of individual items):

  • 1 x Portable Handheld UV Light
  • 3 x fabric scarves
  • 1 x UV Pin Impression Toy
  • 5 x UV Groan Sound Tubes
  • 6 x UV Bangles
  • 2 x UV Touchable Bubbles
  • 3M Rope Linelite Tubing
  • 1 x Pad of Fluorescent Post-It Notes
  • 4 x Spine Balls
  • 1 x Glow Squidgie Ball
  • 1 x Furry Fluorescent Mitt
  • 1 x UV Juggling Stick