Fibre Optics

Fibre optics offer light that you can touch, hold and explore. Fibre optics can be configured in a range of ways to immerse the user in the colour-changing effect, and are accessible to users of all levels of ability. Fibre optics can be incorporated into therapeutic and educational activities working on engagement, joint attention, language, and symbolic play. The strands are latex free and safe to touch as they do not become hot. We recommend that we consult with you to establish the style of fibre optics suitable to your user group, as it is often recommended that they are accessible only with direct support and supervision.


SHX Fibre Optic Shower
SHX Fibre Optics
Fibre Optic Strands
Jumbo Fibre Optics
Shimmering Fibre Optic Curtain
Straight Fibre Optic Comb
Curved Fibre Optic Comb
Fibre Optic Ceiling / Wall Carpet
Bespoke Fibre Optic Mats
Single Port Fibre Optic Light Source
Double Port Fibre Optic Light Source
Safe Fibre Optics for Water Environments